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Celé perfumes are manufactured to French standards, using the French formula from highest quality perfume oils. There are a wide range of fragrances available. Our perfumes are exclusively sold by our distributors or directly from our Shop. The Celé range is not available in stores.

Perfume Hints

Fragrances will last for different time periods on individuals and are influenced by such factors as genetics, diet, hormones, pregnancy, smoking. (Oily skin holds scent much better than dry skin). It is important to note your sense of smell will normally stop picking up your own perfume after a short period of time, although others will notice it for many hours. Avoid over-applying your fragrance. You become inured to the strength of the scent but others may find it suffocating. Weather plays a significant role, especially the amount of humidity and moisture in the air. On cold days your perfume will not smell as strong, but will last longer as opposed to hot dry days whenit will smell stronger but won’t last as long – This is due to the different rate of evaporation of the perfume from your skin. The best is to experiment with different fragrances to find the three or four that suit you best.

How do I make my fragrance last “all day”?

• Keep the perfume away from your nose.

• Keep your perfume bottle away from heat and light.

• Do not rub wrists together, this crushes the perfume. The friction actually breaks down the molecules.

• Traditional advice is to apply the perfume on hair, wrist, behind the ear, on neck and cleavage, inside of ankles and elbows and back of the knee. The problem is that normally after about half an hour, you can’t smell your perfume. This is called olfactory paralysis, your nose simply cuts out the scent.

• Try spraying the underside of your breasts, your bellybutton above the pubic bone and the lower part of your back. If you are wearing a skirt or dress, then also apply behind your knees, to get the ‘puff’ effect. Keep the perfume away from your nose.

Celé manufactures fragrances from top quality essential A grade oils, which are imported from the world’s leading perfume house in France. These world renowned perfumers have perfected many to the oils to deliver essentially identical aromas to that of the popular original perfumes. These are virtually identical, lasting as long and in a number of cases longer than the originals. 

The difference is the PRICE!


Celé perfumes sell at a fraction of the price of the branded fragrance names.


Currently we have over 93 popular fragrances in stock, with new perfumes being introduced regularly.


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